Welcome to Alexander Walczak's Homepage

I'm a software engineer at Google, working in the YouTube product area. I'm very happy with my current employment and am not seeking other opportunities.

New York, NY ·

About Me

I'm a passionate software engineer with a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. My journey in technology has spanned the innovative teams at Google, Apple, and Adobe. At Google, I currently develop the YouTube Kids iOS app, building UI and infrastructure to create a safe and enjoyable digital environment for children. My tenure on the Accessibility team at Apple was marked by significant contributions to mobile device accessibility, including the creation of the iOS Magnifier app. I was also a speaker on accessibility at Apple's annual developer conference and continously worked to improve first-party apps, like the Home and TV app, ensuring an accessible experience for all users. My foundational experience in machine learning was honed at Adobe, where I developed models to enrich Adobe Stock's search capabilities. Beyond my professional endeavors, I volunteer as an Emergency Medical Technician on the New York City 911 system, providing care in Brooklyn's underserved communities.

My Philosophy

I believe technology should empower, enhance, and be accessible to everyone. My work is driven by a commitment to create intuitive, inclusive, and impactful digital experiences. From developing accessibility features that assist people with visual impairments to volunteering in emergency medical services, my aim is to contribute positively to the world. I'm also deeply invested in lifelong learning, constantly exploring new technologies and fields to push the boundaries of what's possible in software engineering and beyond.